Wednesday, April 25

A Dress From Binder Clips

A new use for binder clips. Just imagine the tinking noise it would make as you move around... Definately a way to draw attention! I wouldn't want to try sitting down in it though.

Binder Clip Dress
Picture borrowed from

This comes from a site I just found on the web - Lots of interesting clothing made from items that no one but the designers could envision as cloth. Unfortunately there's not much in the way of description for the clothing on the site - they just list what it is made of. I'll be going back to write about more of their creations.

And while I can't see myself ever wearing anything like this, it sure would be fun to use to dress up a manequin in. Lots more fun than dressing up a cement duck.


Apria said...

Keep up the good work.

Dad said...

I will now cure you forever of spelling "definitely" wrong. Many people like spelling it incorrectly, as do you, as in: "definately."

The root is FINITE, meaning, "with limits." So, definitely means, like, "with limits for sure (dude)".


Nadine Noire said...

I really like the dress! great idea!