Friday, July 6

New Life For Two Old Sweaters

Picture borrowed from Pacific Rain

The author of the Pacific Rain blog has created a very cute little sweater from a couple of old worn out sweaters and some items she had laying around the house. I love her design and might just have to make one for myself. She describes a bit about how she made it on her blog and also shows more pictures. I think she did a great job! If she didn't tell anyone, no one would ever guess that this was recycled.


fleur_delicious said...

Anne - gee, thanks! I'm glad you like it so much! I'm in the process of writing out a tutorial for some of the crafty kiddies over at craftster, which I hope to scan and post later today if you're curious. =) You can find me by my craftster handle, "fleur_delicious"


ellene said...

I thought this was so cute! I'm going to attempt to make things out of felted wool sweaters for this fall~