Tuesday, September 11

Pencil Art (Nails Too!)

Pumpkin Pencil Pin I am thoroughly impressed with the way artist Jennifer Maestre is usings bits of pencils to create her art. I'm not quite sure how she's doing it, but the results sure are beautiful. What a wonderful way to use up those short little pencils that are too small to sharpen or write with. She also uses nails and beads and has sections of her website devoted to that.

Check her stuff out at http://www.jennifermaestre.com/.


Wanda said...

This is fascinating! In fact your whole blog is pretty darn fascinating. I saved it to favorites and will be checking it regularly. I found it from your message on the swap-bot forum, then to your profile and then to here.
Now to go check out the websites you linked to in these entries... And after that to see how many 'used up' pencils I can find around here. ;)

livepaths said...

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